Tommy was the coordinator of JADD, while his wife Chrissie was a support worker for the charity.

Tom McManus, the chair of the Board of Directors of JADD, said that the retirement of Tommy and Chrissie was “an emotional day”.

Mr McManus described Tommy as “tenacious, persuasive, enthusiastic, optimistic and passionate”, and added that he has “left behind a tremendous legacy and is leaving JADD in good stead”, while he described Chrissie as “the mother of JADD” and a “caring and genuine person”.

Shane Hamilton, who took on the role of coordinator of JADD upon Tommy’s retirement, told The Echo: “I’m delighted to take over the role of coordinator in JADD, it’s a huge role to fill as Tommy’s had such an impact on the community.

“Over the last 22 years he’s been an advocate for a generation of people struggling with heroin addiction.

“There’s a whole generation of service users who have been affected by the impact Tommy and Chrissie have had on them.

“My role is to continue that and build on it, and I’m really excited to continue the journey of JADD.”

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