I would like to thank all the JADD staff for giving me and my children the opportunity to go on the family holiday to Trabolgan.  I was able to really bond with my children and have fun.  It has brought us closer and improved our communication skills. The structure we had in Trabolgan has continued since we returned home plus we have continued with the activities. The children still talk about their holiday to Trabolgan and it was our first only family holiday together and we will always remember it especially our trip to Foto Island.

Thanks to all the JADD staff

Ashmore Family

I really enjoyed bring the kids to Trabolgan. It gave me an opportunity to be a father and have time alone with them as I do not live with my children. I would never be able to afford a holiday and JADD gave me the chance to make some memories for them to remember. It gave me a chance to be a father. It also showed me there is a better way of life.  I felt good about myself; I felt I was being the father I was meant to be.  Gave me goals to achieve to make sure my kids had the best time I could give them. My kids have not stopped talking about the holiday and how much they enjoyed having a good time. The Trabolgan trip was so well organised that I had no worries about my kids at all. We had a wonderful time.

A better way of life


I loved swimming like a mermaid. I loved playing in the jungle den with my friends. I loved being a monkey at the ZOO.

Swimming like a Mermaid

Cara (Aged 3)

I love to feel free and have so much fun with friends that I would normally not see. I love seeing my little sister and Mam smile and have so much fun together. It gave me confidence to try new activities like the zip line and face my fears. The best is having family meals in the restaurant and stealing my Mam’s dessert. I have made so many new friends and lots of cool memories.     so much fun with friends

So much fun with friends…

Hanna (Aged 12)

To see my children’s smiles and hunger for adventure was priceless. Creating memories I would not be able to provide as a lone parent. It was a magical adventure from start to end that bond us as a family. A respite break from daily life, I come way refreshed and focussed afterwards. I’ve seen my children in a new light.

Creating Memories

Andrea McKeever (Mother)

My family went on the Trabolgan holiday, myself, 3 daughters, Kerri age 13, Tiffany age 6 and Hope age 5. We all had a holiday of a lifetime. My 3 children really enjoyed every second of it. They got the opportunity to partake in activities they have never done before e.g. swimming, go-kart, trampoline and more. For me as their mother we got the chance to spend quality time together something we have never got as a family. They made new friends as did I. The staff were so good to us and always on hand to meet our needs. I would like to thank Tommy, Rose, Niamh and all the JADD staff for giving the family memories that will last forever for my children. They had so much fun and laughter from morning till night. I am glad they will have this memory and that is thanks to JADD for giving us the opportunity

Trabolgan Holiday


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