Tommy Gilson

Tommy Gilson
Founding Member

Tommy Gilson is a founding member and Volunteer for JADD.  Prior to Shane’s appointment as Coordinator and Tommy’s retirement, Tommy held the role of Coordinator and JADD has undergone significant change, including the development of medical services in partnership with the HSE, the development of child care services for children of parents with substance use problems, and the development of a range of services and supports for individuals and families affected by substance use problems. He is on all Tommy is on all relevantt local committees such as the Tallaght Drugs & Alcohol Task Force, Treatment & Rehabilitation and Jobstown Enhancement Committee.  In 2001 Tommy was awarded the Tallaght Person of the Year Award, for his outstanding contribution to the Tallaght area. Thomas is married to Chrissie and they have five children and have lived in Jobstown for over 37 years.

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