Working in JADD each Tuesday for 2.5 hours for sixteen sessions has been for me such a positive
I got a glimpse into the world of drug dependency and the trail of devastation it can leave in lives.
I felt their pain and struggle to get their lives back on track and they are doing that with the work
done in JADD through the support help and guidance they receive.
I got to know and hear their stories as I sat with them helping them mix colours or draw their
pictures, their honesty touched me.
We sat and painted in the middle of chaos or that was my first impression. Then it slowly dawned
on me this place is like a good family home where all life is going on, where they look out for each
The kitchen where staff worked ready with whatever is needed, other staff coming and going about
their daily work all so friendly and helpful. Service users finding space to sit and chat if they want
to or just some space to be.
Then the surprise and excitement for me and themselves was the talent that soon shone through.
The classes were well attended over all. They worked hard, chatted to each other, listened to
Mozart playing quietly in the background, all very relaxing.
At the end of the sixteen-week session we had an exhibition of the work. It was really good, I was
so proud of them and they were proud of themselves and their achievement.
I really believe we are all creative in one way or another. To tap into that is so good mentally,
socially so therapeutic. Some discovered skills they did not know they had. It was also fun too.